Thomas Mee – Chief Executive to Liverpool’s Most Trusted Demolition Company

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Thomas Mee

Thomas Mee

Thomas Mee. (Chief Executive of Mees Group).

For over 30 years, Thomas Mee has of Mees Group, been responsible for the for demolishing and redeveloping some of the most primary located buildings in Liverpool.

Take a walk through Liverpool city centre and you will no doubt see the boardings of Mees Group.

First for Demolition in Liverpool

Having cemented their position as one of Liverpool’s leading construction companies, they have been trusted with some of the city’s most complex demolition projects to date.

Thomas Mee Background

Recent Projects

Being one of the leading demolition companies in the North West. Mees Demolition has been involved with some of the largest and most complex projects in the UK.

If you are familiar with Liverpool, you may be aware of the recent redevelopment of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Mees Group won the contract to safely demolish the existing building.

Take a small walk through the city centre and you will have seen Mees Demolition taking down Nation nightclub in 2016. This was to make way for a multi-million-pound regeneration of the area.

Mees Demolition has been involved in some very complex and successful jobs recently, which has shown the significance of demolition in the rebirth of Liverpool, and also shows how developed Mees have become in the construction world, with some of the most important jobs put into their hands.

Most Recent

  • Hardman House – July 2017

Hardman House on Hardman Street has been approved for demolition, as it is set to become student accommodation. The demolition did face concern from the Historic England heritage body, but it was decided that due to the poor condition the building has been left in, it couldn’t be used otherwise.

  • 8 Water Street – Aug 2017

8 Water Street has recently been demolished as well, as it is becoming 123 apartments that will offer both residential and commercial aspects throughout the floors. The original plan offered 96 apartments in the new building, but plans for an extension have been added to offer three more floors and a rooftop terrace for all of the building’s residents.

  • St Aidens, Speke Sept 2017

St Aidens Church in Speke is due for demolition with Mees Demolition, as 28 new homes are planned to be built on the site, showing how Liverpool is always changing and accepting the new!

Thomas Mee Demolition Royal Liverpool

Demolition of the Punch and Judy Pub in Liverpool City Centre

Thomas Mee demolition group have recently just completed a full demolition of the Punch and Judy public house in Liverpool City Center.

The iconic building needed to be demolished after an explosion caused the building to go up in flames!

Over 20 firefighters were called to the scene to try and extinguish the flames and save the building structure. However, after analysing the damage, experts requested the building to be demolished.

Contacting Thomas Mee

If you would like to hire Thomas Mee for your next demolition project, then you can contact Mees Demolition on